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I can't find my order!

Hi. I got a notice that my order is ready but when I click on the link Fiverr sent me it only takes me to the home page. I don’t see anything related to “Order” or to the vendor who did my logo. Can someone PLEASE show me how to get to my order?



Same thing just happened to me,…website is no help at all.

What do we do?

i see the communication but there is no logo or file

Reply to @gyroheat: try to order my gig… :smiley:

same thing is happening to me, I cannot review my orders, how come?

Hey guys, I can’t find my order although I got notification from fiverr saying that It is finished and waiting for me to review it. Also I can’t find the designer.

I have the same problem. I received an email saying my order is ready for viewing, but there is no link to view it. I’ve emailed my fiverr designer, but haven’t heard back. If anyone has an idea what to do now, please share.

Same Thing Happened with My Customer…Than after i Delivered Work to her INBOX and after 3 Days Order got Automatically Complete…

Sometimes there’s a glitch in the system and things happen, try reaching out to customer support.