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I can't find new "Promoted gigs" feature that has been advertised

Hi there! I’ve read that there is a new feature on Fiverr to bid for clicks - I’ve been trying to find it, but both on mobile and desktop it doesn’t appear anywhere. Is it available in the UK yet? Thanks!


Check this out for how it works:


Thanks! I have read this, but where can I actually click to promote my gigs? Nothing is appearing on my Dashboard or in Gigs, and impressions on both of my gigs have tanked since 29th July which is when they launched this. Has anyone started promoting their gigs?

To ensure a quality ad experience for the buyers, only hand-vetted sellers who meet all our quality metrics can participate in this program.

The above is from the article I gave you.


If I’m not wrong, this feature is only for Level 2 and pro sellers.

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Currently it’s only for Level 2 and Top Rated Sellers who they hand-pick (it doesn’t mention Fiverr Pros in the help page). And they have to have a gig with at least 30 reviews.


Thanks uk1000 for correction.

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