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I can't find the cheap Gigs anymore?

I used to love this site, but these days I find myself paying over the odds for sub-standard work, I recently paid $40 for a logo, the seller was ********* i believe as she kept calling me dear, the profile pic was of some hot blonde woman, obviously fake, the reviews were great, but probably fake as the outcome was terrible, It was impossible to get what I wanted, but I was made to feel like it was too much trouble to revise it. In the end I gave up, accepted the outcome and went to ******* [Fiverr competitor ] instead, at least over there you can pay $40 and get something you can actually use.

I just cant find the sellers who charge $10 for a logo here anymore, they do exist I know, but its impossible to find them, the search doesn’t allow you to order by price, lots of them have 1000’s of feedback too and great portfolios.


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I think the $40 for a logo is a cheap price and very cheap if you use it for commercial purposes.


do not offer it to me, but @vintagarium
I could make logo by myself :joy: but thanks anyway.

Yep. Sellers that offer higher quality have finally understood what their service is worth :wink:
You get what you pay for. I can’t imagine using a $10 or even $40 logo on any of the websites I build for my clients. I don’t know a business who would invest so little in their brand.


the reason for your unhappiness is,

the seller was ****** I believe as she kept calling me dear, the profile pic was of some hot blonde woman,**


You have given your work to saw her beauty, that’s your mistake.

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now I know why I only get less buyer :thinking: :princess::blonde_woman:

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I guess I don’t understand what makes you think that paying $10 will get you a better quality logo. It’s important to invest in your brand if you’re actually serious about your business.


yes! I think you are right. $10 is not enough for an better brand logo, company logo.

40$ for a logo is about 200$ cheaper than you would get from a professional.


Oh I love people like you, just the way I love headaches :wink:

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Most sellers and logo designers here on Fiverr are starting to realize that their work is worth more than $10. Top-quality work does not come “cheap”.


But they do exist, and they exist as there are people who don’t have much money to start a business, when you factor in everything that is required to start a business these days, why should we pay excessively for a logo when we can get it done for $10…? I currently have 3 businesses, all of the logo’s were done for less than $20, I saw no reason to spend anymore than that. I could have spent more than that, but spending more doesn’t guarantee you get a better quality of work.

They can’t both be correct…? :wink:

Things change - simple! :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re THAT cheap with your business? I understand cutting corners, but even I would pay someone a decent price to know the job is getting done correctly, and not just some plagiarized hack job.

I live under the poverty line and even I spend hundreds of dollars annually on my business for expenses.


Yes they do. For every buyer there’s a seller.

If you value your company brand at $20 then that’s fine :slight_smile:
I’m not even trying you convince otherwise, but don’t be surprised if others value their time and skill at a higher price range :wink:

Just reading this thread makes me want to raise my prices again.


Sometimes you need to set a budget when it comes to spending for your business but I assure you, here on Fiverr, we have many talented logo makers. If you want quality, we deliver quality.

Exactly my thought as I read this. :v:

To be honest, I hope that all sellers will raise their prices according to the quality they provide, therefore removing this idea that this is a good place to come to get cheap work. But hey, everyone is free to charge as much as they consider.

I’d rather learn photoshop or gimp and make my own logo rather than underpay someone to do it. Just my opinion.

Not the mention the legal trouble you expose yourself to when you hire cheap designers. Like this story!

Also, I don’t think that going between hard working freelancers is the best place to complain that we are too expensive.

I wonder if people think the quality that you deliver is bad when you set lower prices… I lowered my prices yesterday for my pattern gig because I haven’t had one order yet… So I don’t know what buyers are willing to pay or what is cheap…

Same here mate. :smile: