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I can't find the extend delivery time option on resolution center

Hi all,

I am working with a client and there are four ongoing orders. After working for some days, some new requirements were added for which I didn’t deliver the orders and planned to extend the delivery time (the orders are counted as ‘very late’). But, in the resolution center both my client and I can’t find that option though it was there and I used that earlier too.

What should be done now? I’ve contacted the customer support on 9th September and they are busy to reply till now.

Here is the screenshot:


Open the order page and follow below steps in picture for request of extend delivery time.

Have you checked my screenshot? I know the method you mentioned. But the problem is the checkbox is not there. Please check everything before answering.

That’s rude. He was just trying to help. If it was up to me,I wouldn’t have written anything in the first place with that attitude.


You don’t provide screenshot like mine.
I am not interested to click your given link outside of fiverr community.
No need your suggestion to me that how will I check.
It is not my necessity.
If my solution not be helpful to you, just ignore it.
Ok ?

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