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I can't find the gigs with the search.

Can anyone help, please
I was active at work and was constantly getting work. I received messages from buyers every day. Suddenly one day I can’t find the gig search and I can’t find any message from the buyer. The gigs were on pages 2.3. Now I can’t find the gigs with the search. Impressions, views, clicks, all gigs are all down

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Hello Maam!

I am really facing a problem in money withdraw button in my account available withdraw is 536 but I can not withdraw the money, I have ingorm it in customer care but it already 15 days gone. I need the money as early as possible. What can I do, I am really helpless on it :cry::cry::cry:

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Firstly: it’s considered rude to post your question in someone else’s thread, especially when it’s completely unrelated to the original post.
Second: Rule 9: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020
Third: Fiverr CS is extremely behind right now and 15 days isn’t unusual at this time.

Sorry Maam, and Thank you