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I Can't Find You When I Need You


I am a happy buyer on Fiverr! :slight_smile:

That being said, sometimes I have difficulty finding what I need on Fiverr.

I look at Fiverr’s choices of topics/gigs, but sometimes I can’t figure out if what I need fits into one of those topics. I then try to type it in the Search, but the choices often are just a bit OFF of the mark.

You may wonder WHY I don’t know exactly what I am looking for. Actually, it is the opposite. I know EXACTLY what I am looking for, but I don’t know what it is CALLED by those who actually do it. :expressionless:

I am an expert in the terms used in my own field. Outside of my field, I am quite helpless. I often google whole questions to see what terms to use and then come back to Fiverr to find what I need.

I am telling you this to suggest that many of you may want to add more descriptive, “long tailed” keyword phrases to your gig descriptions to make it easier for buyers to find you. Please don’t look at what other sellers are using in their descriptions. Think about why someone would need your gig, and then put additional “Layman’s” words in the description. This will help buyers who are LOOKING for you to find you much more easily. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:



This is the 2nd time I have looked at your Fiverr “page”, looking for a gig where you make these kinds of pics to use on Pinterest or other social media page, etc.

I love how you are “spot on” with pics and words… wishin’ you had a gig for purchases!!! :relaxed:


I think I am called the Meme :crown: King of Fiverr forum for a reason… lol :yum:
(I feel a picture always tells a 1000 words…)


I understand what you’re saying absolutely. It’s so hard though. It’s hard to remember what you called things when you didn’t know what they were called.


Exactly!! I recommend asking family members, friends, and acquaintances. Also, find out the definition of the terms you use and use some of the words described in the “layman’s” definition.

This issue comes up a lot for me as a buyer. Once I asked a question to a seller about what he meant by a certain sentence on his gig. I was thinking I could use the gig, but wasn’t sure, so I wanted to clarify. His answer was that basically if he took the time to explain it to me, he could be already earning that much money by working on someone else’s order. (I said it nicely - the seller did not.)
He treated me as if I were really stupid and not worth his time - because I was unfamiliar with certain pieces of his description. (The definition alone didn’t help me - I was trying to understand not only the definition, but also how he was applying it to the gig and whether it would be useful to me or not.)

I just think that sometimes the reason a seller may get views, but not a “sale”, may be because the buyer can not tell from the description if they can get what they need/want from the gig. (I skip over several sellers every time I look for something for this very reason. I always choose the one I understand 100%.) :slight_smile:


Sorry, I meant to reply to you on the “Exactly” comment above! OOPS!


Thanks for this. I also quite struggle with that exact issue on my seller’s end. Hell, I am not even firm in the professional lingo I’m supposed to know. Hmmm, there must be a reason my work is visual :wink:


This is a very very important fact that you have brought up and it is indeed the case. :thumbsup:


I understand your frustration. Sometimes it’s not the sellers fault. Search is always a bit funky. Gigs sometimes don’t appear in the chosen categories. I have 2 active gigs right now that aren’t showing in the category they are supposed to be in.

I love your post though. Thank you for sharing ;).


What I have done in this situation is to place a consultation order with someone who I think would know about it and to then have a discussion with them about it. I have also done this as a seller where I have given a custom offer for a couple of hours of my time in which I will examine the issue/request, evaluate it and give some instructions on how to achieve it. Sometimes I can help further with the implementation, other times I can commend someone and sometimes it is just a case of telling them what they need to look for.
It depends on the size of the project and often I have been able to pay for just a few minutes of the persons time. The reason for paying is simple - everyone takes an order more seriously than an inbox message although obviously you should send a message requesting a custom offer for the consultation first.

This works best when you have what you need (your end game) clearly explained and your questions clearly laid out to avoid lots of over and back which eats into the time.

Your advice for sellers is good though, even Google suggests that websites should focus more on what their potential clients are asking for rather than on what the service they actually deliver.


Eoinfinnegan: (I thought I replied directly to your post… but doesn’t look like it on the forum)

Wow! I never even thought of a consultation on Fiverr! What a great idea!!

I have not noticed any “consultation” gigs with the sellers I have looked at. When you have placed consultation orders, have they been actual gigs of “consultation”? Or maybe you have clicked on the “need anything else?” gig and asked for a consultation order? (Please tell me all of your secrets!!! :relaxed:)

I would love it if sellers would have a consultation gig: “Aren’t sure what you need? No worries! I can help you figure it out! I have a gig for that!”


I have also done this as a seller where I have given a custom offer for a couple of hours of my time in which I will examine the issue/request, evaluate it and give some instructions on how to achieve it. Sometimes I can help further with the implementation, other times I can commend someone and sometimes it is just a case of telling them what they need to look for.

Wow! I don’t even know what to say - I have needed that WAY too many times, but have never seen the option with sellers.

I really appreciate your post, info, and ideas. I am going to experiment with this. :slight_smile:

I am really hoping that sellers who read this get some ideas too on how they can help buyers - while at the same time, help themselves. :slight_smile:


I havent seen many consultation gigs but I just message them first and ask for the custom offer, usually along with an indication of what I am asking.
Another example would be what has happened today - I asked a seller about something they would be familiar with and they came back with a detailed answer and an offer which I am considering. It probably took them 15-20 mins. If I don’t place that order, I will still place an order of $10 with that seller and tell them to just deliver it immediately as they have already helped me and given me some ideas that I will use regardless. This means next time I have a similar request, the seller will probably be happy to help again.
You would be amazed how many buyers expect to get this kind of service for nothing. It is incredibly irritating as a seller but the difference that I feel towards a buyer who respects my time and expertise (by paying for it) is immense so I want the sellers I deal with to feel the same when I send them a message.


A consultation gig might be the answer to all the people getting hung up on the name ‘fiverr’, since sooner or later, with inflation and everything there might be a point anyway when it will become ridiculous what sellers at least from countries with higher COL can offer for 5$ (yes, yes, it´s 6 dollars already for the buyer and thus fiverr should be named sixxer ;)) - all sellers would have to offer a consultation gig regarding all their services, for 5$, or maybe even for 4$ (so that it will cost the buyer 5$ ;)). They may decide themselves if they offer either 5 or 55 ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) minutes of their time.

Jokes aside (or not?) consultation gigs certainly are a good idea, especially for some categories, I think I´ve seen a few and I suppose most sellers wouldn´t be too opposed to offer one per custom offer, if asked, if the person seeking answers wants to pay for their time.