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I cant get a client ! ;( some tips?

hi, i cant get a client and i am doing a gig with a great offer, for all that will cost aprox 35 usd for only the min price that is 5, someone know what can i do ? should i pay for ad on fiverr ? :frowning:


Fiverr does not offer paid ads. Therefore, you will be unable to “pay for ad on Fiverr”.

Didn’t they introduce a model a while ago where your gig gets a special placement and their cut would raise to 30% instead of 20%?
Never head of it again though.


you basically have to put in the work to get work

Fiverr appears to have quietly abandoned that model. I was part of the testing, and that feature no longer shows up on my dashboard, nor can I find it anywhere on the current Fiverr website. It appears as though the tested model did not achieve the goals Fiverr was hoping to put into play.


Your profile reads: “Hi, I am Pachi, i am from Argentina, and i am doing this for a low price, i am from Argentinabut i can talk english too. I can do Optimized, Responsives Webs with HTML,CSS and JS”

Change it to:

“I am new to Fiverr, but not to web programming. I build and optimize responsive websites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Most importantly, I know how to get your site to rank well on Google, which will help grow your business. I will do a mountain of excellent work for you at a very low price, so I can earn the 5-star ratings I will need to get established on Fiverr. I look forward to serving you. -Pachi”

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