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I can't get a constant flow of orders

Hi! I’m a sound designer and music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I’ve been on fiverr for almost 1 year. Since january my number of orders increased a lot and that made me spend more time on the platform. Anyway, I notice a very strange way that orders come to me. In a period of 1 or 2 days I receive several orders in a row and then for the next 4 or 5 days no one else contacts me, as if the orders came to me in “waves”.

Is this something common? Do you have any advice to give me about it? I would like to achieve a constant flow of orders in my gigs.

Here is my profile in case you want to check my gigs:

I think it’s because there are lots of new seller’s coming in Fiverr. Try to promote your gigs in social media and make sure that your gigs are seeing in the first page while searching your service type. In order to get into first page you should promote your gigs daily basis. You can promote your gigs in Facebook there are lots of groups in facebook where you could try promoting your gigs.