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I can't get a first buyer?!


So I have just started and I’m really good at what I do which is photoshoping. But have been waiting for my first buyer and there is no one that trusts me and my work even though I know I can do the job perfectly in fact I’m willing to give a free trail at first by photoshoping a photo for free!


I did not get for first 3 months, but now I get 1 or 2 daily :smiley:

Do not do it for free, just wait and stay intact…


Thanks for the quick reply but the thing is since I have no reviews no one will trust my work.


It’s my first week in fiverr! You inspired me. Thanks


I agree with zubairfb, do not do work for free.

People looking for freebie will leach onto you forever and give you all sorts of hassle.

Although there are those that get dozens of order in their first month or some in the first week, those are rare.

Read the forum under tips for seller and socialize both on and off 5r.


Alright, thanks for your help :slight_smile:


When creating a Gig, doing just a little bit of background research can help set you up for success. Whether you are creating a Gig for the first time, revising an existing one, or branching out to create Gigs in a new category, taking the following steps will set you on the path to creating Gigs that succeed:
Find Your Niche:
The best Gig ideas are small, scalable tasks that only take you a few minutes to complete. As a seller, your first assignment is to break down your skillset into a small offering that it makes sense to sell starting at $5.00. When defining what exactly your Gig will be, ask yourself:
Does it take me a few (5 to 15 minutes) to complete this action?
Is this action or service scalable? Could I deliver multiples of it in batches?
Are there extra services or components that could be built onto this task?
If your answer to all of those questions is “Yes”, then you have a viable Gig on your hands!
Research Your Skill:
When considering creating a Gig, it’s important to take a look at existing Fiverr Gigs similar to the one you are planning to offer. Knowing what other sellers are offering will give you a sense of what the market is for your skill and will help you understand what you will need to do to succeed. Ask yourself:
Are there many other versions of your Gig selling already?
How can you distinguish yourself from other sellers?
Do you see an opportunity to meet a need that hasn’t yet been met?
If you see that there are already a surplus of sellers offering the identical service to the one you have in mind, brainstorm how you can distinguish yourself from the rest.
Know Your Value
Fiverr’s services start at $5.00. Although it can be tempting to offer promotions or discounts so that the orders will start rolling in, offering your work for free is not a recommended approach to connect with sellers. It is important to set your potential buyer’s expectation that your work can’t be obtained for free. It’s essential to know your worth as a seller and not to compromise it in order to attempt attracting buyers.
Establish a Workflow
Getting organized before the orders start coming in will serve you well. Establishing a process for how you will complete orders is essential. Figure out the different aspects of your process such as:
What time of day or what time each week will I spend working on my Gigs?
How can I set up a productive workspace?
What materials do I need to work on my Gigs?
Now that you’ve read this article, Get Started Now!


I saw your gig. It looks but you have to work more on your gig description. Focus on customer, what exactly they want.

Instead of giving free service just give free consultation to customer. Say contact me for free consultation and review the customers problem and update your gig according to that.

Also promote your gig in social media and other places. There are lot of competition in graphics designing gig so you have to be unique to get orders.

All the best.


Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you. I would love to have some buyers, but I know I have my work cut out for me. Keep the faith.