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I can't get an order for 11 months, what can I do?

I created 5GIG. But still now I don’t get any order.But every day I’ try to promote my gig on various social media. But I don’t get any order.:pensive:
So, please help me.“How can I get order?


Try to send All buyer request everyday.


You need to check your gig activities, change your image, tags, About gig


Apparently your profile isn’t activated.

That means no one can see you or your gigs. Sort that out and it’s possible you’ll get some orders


For some reason, the forum adds a “1” to the end of some usernames. You can find the OP’s profile by searching for his username minus the “1”.

(Or you can click here to see it:

Your writing gig needs to be improved. Your description contains several spelling and grammar errors.

In fact, you could improve your profile description and all of your gig descriptions by writing them in business English (mistake-free English).


Thanks… for advise

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In addition to what @ahmwritingco said, your gig images seem to be taken from the internet (either free art, or taken from business websites)… Not showing your own images (the ones you have designed from scratch) doesn’t speak well of your skills as a designer.

Also, if you’re going to post a topic like this one

and therefore admit that your English isn’t very good, perhaps you shouldn’t offer writing services, unless you’re offering them in your own language and not English?

And finally, if you don’t mind me asking: if you have really served thousands of local clients when it comes to logo design, and have written 20,000 articles (plus stories and product descriptions and “I am writer for 9 years Old experience, until now write up to 20000 articles for the customer.
An experience writer for blogs, web contents and many more. Write article, Businesses Planing , Hard- touching love story,Romantic story, Funny Story, Travel story, review, Copy-Wright, Short Story and Sociable media Topics , Products Description, File Format Converting and many more. testimonials or anything you want”), how do you even find time to offer your services on Fiverr?


I am a content writer here,
I can help you with your English if you need it!

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Thank you, (edvent) I am interested in your help, how do you get started.

Post the content here let me review it in the first place

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If you are promoting and getting impressions on your gigs and not converting, then the problem is on your offer and your optimization. Check you images, compare them to your competitors. Check listing copy and compare it also. Check your price and your offer. What are your competitors offering and at what price, and what are you offering and at what price? In a nutshell your offer must be better in some ways than your competitors, you need to have a competitive price, and a good listing optimized. :+1:

make your gig display catchy . you will get order inshallah

You can promote your profile link everywhere and if more people will click your link you could raise views for your profile link and that may help you get more customers. Also asking friends and family to buy your services and giving you five star may help you a lot.