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I cant get any job here

some peoples are helps here … then i realized… thank you very much


please change your profile picture and provide some good quality image. Thanks.


Didn’t you start another thread saying the same thing?

Did you think adding the “bla bla bla” part would help your cause?


I don’t think your profile images is your problem.

But I truly don’t know where to start.

  1. Your profile’s description is a 1:1 copy from another seller.

  2. One of your gigs is illegal as it is essentially saying “I will copy any online logo”

  3. your background removal service can now be done for free in 0.6 seconds by a new service called

  4. your expertise is supposed to be graphical design. Yet your gig’s thumbnail is what I consider as eye sore.

  5. And to top it all off, your main attraction a.k.a. Logo design service shows some really questionable work as samples. Both design wise and copyright wise. I spotted one IDENTICAL to Internet Explorer of all things.

I just scrolled through your gigs and did not open any of them to see what’s inside so I guess there are even more things wrong if you decide to dive in and help your business.


Thank you so much brother…