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I can't get any order on fiverr

Hey i need to get orders on fiverr I tried each and everything.

made videos used an authentic and professional profile pic and even wrote everything as clear as possible.

Need serious help, Do 44 dofollow comments,15pr3 15pr4 12pr5 8pr6 4pr7 by Seo_experts1 | Fiverr


Hi! Maybe you shoul. Someone recommend me to have a wide variety of gigs. Maybe that could help.

Are you promoting your gigs to people who may be interested on them?

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how do i do it @orquidea_pro

Well, I started a Twitter account and decided on who was my target audience.

So I followed people matching that profile.

Then I tweet everyday articles of interest to them and also links to my gigs.

I’ve got more visits to my gigs and also got orders.

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Hello please view this article Also you highlighted way to much of your description, less than 5% of your description should contain highlights. Also the video looks really bad with a giant watermark through it.


Honestly: Everything you’ve posted is terrible. Really. I’ll cover just a few of the problems:

  • The video has the huge Animoto watermark on it. Pay a few dollars to get it eliminated. Or have someone on Fiverr do a video for you. Also, the music doesn’t work, the pages turn too fast, and you use jargon that many people won’t understand.

  • Your headline is: “I will do 44 dofollow comments,15pr3 15pr4 12pr5 8pr6 4pr7 for $5” You’re kidding, right? Take a look at how other SEO services market what they do.

  • Your text and video should sell the benefits of what you offer. BENEFITS. Focus on telling potential buyers how much more successful they’ll be if they buy your service.

  • Your copy is poorly written. Examples: “Your task is only to just give us your keyword” “Order Now and avail the exclusives.” “Avail it quickly before Christmas EVE!” "An offer which will blow your mind Offering all mentioned incentives."

    So: Focus on professionalism. That means clear, understandable text and a professional video. And focus on the benefits you will provide to buyers.

    Hope that helps.
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Honestly, there are many threads on the forum that give you great tips to selling on Fiverr. Do some research on them and create a checklist. After creating the checklist go to eHYPE and subscribe to them. After they complete there verification process they will post your gig up. All the info you are looking for is on the forums.

Check my this gig. Its 2 days old and i got 2 buyers

I agree with Wordsmith. Eliminate all the BS from the title. Just get to the heart of it all. You will do 44 do follow comments. Then in the gig description explain the breakdown. You’re an SEO guy right? Think like an SEO guy and a common person that knows very little about your stuff and needs whatever you can give. Seriously are you here to sell gigs or twiddle your thumbs. Also put up more than 1 gig in multiple areas. Possibly other SEO gigs, article spinning, and whatever other services you could do. Seriously I feel like I’m the guy to help some of you become successful and all I do is write a Fiverr blog and work on my own gigs. Good Luck.

@seo_experts1 I’ll just add to what’s already been written.

Nobody will take you seriously as an expert at anything when your English is so bad. Get someone to proofread your gigs.

How can you be an " SEO expert " when you can’t even put a few words together properly?

" I will do 44 dofollow comments " - Don’t you mean: " I will Provide 44 dofollow comments "?

As stated above: “Your task is only to just give us your keyword” “Order Now and avail the exclusives.” "Avail it quickly before Christmas EVE!"

Don’t you mean something like: " All we need is your keyword " " Order now and get these exclusive offers "? Basically… your grammar makes no sense at all.

Get some help if English isn’t your first language. Read other gigs. Those are my thoughts.

Just be patient, also try changing your keywords every so often if your not getting clicks. i hope this helps. Best of luck!

You should pay for the stock images you use. I wouldn’t buy anything from someone who steals photos.