I cant get any oreder


Hlw everybody am new in fiverr, am exprienced but cant get any order in last 4 month , improve my gig and gig image , title and tag, but thats not workings,

everyday send bayer requst but cant got a attention, please help me, how can i get my fast order

thanks everyone


Very objective speaking: your English skills are the problem. Your profile says ‘fluent’, but actually they are not even basic. I would recommend on improving them. Once you have this under the belt you can go on and improve your gigs accordingly.
A good and free source for improving your English skills is the channel from 'Papa teach me’


thanks for your comments


I am very surprised that someone with the Harvard University English Department (search the profile image) would have such a time with English.

As for your lack of sales: As a Harvard man, you must know that your start date on Fiverr, November 2017, was not 4 months ago, but perhaps just 4 days ago. So you must give your tired logo design gig time to percolate, your uninspiring rasterizing gig time to blossom, and your logo design gig time to bring in plagiarism complaints.

Bottom line: Your gig image sells your service, if your category is graphic arts. Your images are…meh.


It is always best to use your own image. When you take one from the internet anyone can do a “search google for image” and discover you are not the person in the picture. That will make them not trust you. If you do not want to use your own image make an image for your profile. In addition there is a lot of competition on Fiverr. It took me 45 days to get my first order.


thnks for comments ,