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I can't get my first job!

Hello guys!

I’m new here on fiverr…and I am a graphic designer
so, I start to publish my gigs in graphic design and I even created a videos which I see that my gigs seem professional somehow and I didn’t get any orders until now!
I waited about 15 days and NOTHING until now!..

What I should do now ? wait more or there maybe something mistake in my gigs or my profile ?

Can any one help ?

Thank you…


Here are some tips every seller should know [LONG]:


Can you change your video thumbnail images so they show something other than text? One of your thumbnails is a completely black image BTW.

Might be a good idea as you’re offering graphics gigs. :slightly_smiling_face:



I recommend thinking everyday about ways to improve your gigs and services but also descriptions and naming the options the clients have, working on some obvious FAQ questions and detailed explanation of the packages and i am sure you will get your first job soon!

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I just visited your profile. I believe it needs loads of work. I recommend improving the title and description. Preview is too flat and blank. Make use of all the options you have been provides, such as, FAQ, images, PDF, video, portfolio, packages and gig extra.
Keep working on your gigs to make improvement. You’ll get your first order soon.

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Thank you for the hint
I already have changed it.
Thanks a lot for your reply!

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Thank you for your interesting!
I will take your advice into my consideration

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Thanks for replying!
But ,sorry I can’t understand how did you mean by the preview is too flat and blank ?
Did you mean the thumbnails of the videos of the gigs ?

You can also zip over to Buyer’s Requests and see who is looking for your services. You may need to undersell the competition just a bit to get established initially, but once you start getting positive reviews and perform consistently, the sky is the limit!

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Thank you for replying!
I’ll take your words into my consideration.

Sure we can help, why not. Send buyer requests and write every aspect clear, make them know why you are better than others. And please check the following post for same fast notes -

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One thing I think would be important to have is a FAQ section. Having a FAQ section demonstrates that you are concerned for your customer’s needs and have thought in advance about any of their questions that may arise - after all, you are the projecting yourself as the expert in your gig.

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