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I can't get my first order


The thing is, I’ve created attractive gigs that’ll surely attract customers and the spreadsheets that I created for my gallery are originally made by me and I created them that’ll attract the customers. I create descriptions that motivates people into reading it and easily understand it and I even set the prices to the lowest possible but no matter what I can’t get my first order! Is it just because I’m from srilanka and people underestimate and don’t trust my work? Can someone tell me why is this happening to me? I’m just stuck at getting impressions and clicks and views but not a single order! Can somebody tell me any suggestions on what can I do to get my first order? Please, please.

Also, here are my gigs:



Your title:

I can’t get my first order

Is there something I’m missing? :thinking:


If just this your way to help users, please stop helping.


Build more gigs.
Keep online as you can, from mobile app better.
Send daily offers for buyer requests
Change title, description and tags for your gigs.
Find on google, how to get your first order, you will get many articles and videos


Says who?
You? based on what? your seasoned experience in using stock images and sell them as “outstanding designed logos”?

Oh well… I know which kind of advice you can give… :+1:


It’s probably linked to the fact that you’re stealing content from others. Next time try to change the name at least :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not going to list the sellers you stole from, you know who they are.


No orders/messages/ranking/WTQ?/Sh**T?—>KEEP CALM AND PROMOTE your GIG’s


I’m sorry to hear that.
I never use stock photos for my designs.
And this one exactly, a buyer send me the file and ask just for changing color to wood color. He bought before or got it from somewhere, it’s not my business.

Just I was waiting from someone experienced like you some advice.