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I can't get my first sale,help


Well I’m on fiverr for myb one week and I post 4 gigs,I got some clicks,views,impressions but nobody is ordering anything.Can somone help :frowning:


Did you try to submit your offers into the Buyer Requests?
That helps a lot when no one is ordering anything. Good luck! :+1:


I did yesterday nobody answered,thanks btw :wink:


Well don’t give up after just one try! You have to keep submitting offers :slight_smile:


How do you submit gig’s on the buyers request?


How many clicks do you get per week?


Welcome to Fiverr. Check the forum for tips and there is lots of information in the Fiverr Academy. You also need to be patient. Some new sellers take months to get their first sale. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Just checked your gig and the statement below your username is rather negative. Maybe something more positive about what you have to offer would be better.


Go to your dashboard, and click on “Buyer Requests”. From there you can check what the offers are and if you think your gig meets the requirements for a specific job, click on “Send offer” and pitch your gig to the buyer.

Also, the link that I provided earlier explains what you have to do.


Yea now i understand how it works. Let me make some requests and see how it goes. Thanks :blush:


@nickthuo808 keep in mind that buyers request is actually for buyers who are looking for sellers. Not the other way around. Based on your other posts I think you’re a seller, so you shouldn’t make requests, you should bid on them :wink:


@uxreview I also understand it is illegal to do that. I will just work hard on promoting my gigs and trying to be unique. I appreciate your concern :ok_hand:


To me, i think you should try promoting your gig link on social media site and try to integrate keywords into your gig description for it to be searchable


@umohlee That one about keywords sounds like an effective way. Did it work out for you?