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I cant get my first sale?!

Hi there! I’ve created 4 gigs but i still have low impressions and very low clicks. What do i do?! Please help me,i cant get my first sale


Same here brother. Anybody please answer?

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Bro, you need to add unique titles and you need to share your gigs. So, after you can get many views. And try to get your gigs to Fiverr’s first 3 pages.

And SEO your gig.
Add matching keywords. If you are doing a flyer. don’t put flyer keyword. Must include your path. What kind of flyer. Business flyer education flyer. There are a lot of paths. So, Chose path and add keywords to that path.

I use this trick and my gig comes to the 2nd page in Fiverr.


@newplus_design Thank you bro for your valuable information. :slight_smile::handshake:

Well,i DID make my gigs with a lot of SEO research and i did give them some good keywords
Still then,the total impressions on my 4 gigs is still 28😫

Which page is your gig on?
Did you check it?

Yes, i tried checking it but its so low that i cant even find it!

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Keep trying :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :+1: :+1:

@azmainsymun Please look up your question before asking. We see this question literally every day and no one wants to see the same questions over and over again.

You won’t get anywhere if you don’t want to research. We’re not a substitute for doing research.


Same Here. How can improve my self?

oh yes, SAME here!! :frowning: