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I can't get my first sale

It’s been almost a week now and I’ve had no sales on either of my two gigs. I understand that once I get a few good reviews it will get the ball rolling but I just can’t seem to get a sale. I know it could take weeks but is there anything I could do to my gigs to increase conversions.

If possible could you give me an example of what I should change and what to change it to.

My gigs are:

PS. I don’t have any more photos to add I don’t really want to add a video. I already have a Twitter account but don’t really want to create another social media account. I don’t want to make a living out of FIVERR but just want to make some money on the side.



You have to keep waiting it’s not that easy and you you gotta delete those extras and do everything for $5 just to get buyers and level up then make extras, i hope you get my point