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I can't get my picture right


All the photo’s I have are too big. I tried to resize them but I am not being told the resolution isn’t right. I am working from an imac. I do not own photoshop and have no tech skills in this area.


Hi scottishlass,

the image dimensions for the cover photo need to be 1100 x 260 pixels, those of the gig photos 682 x 459 pixels. This info appears on mouse over events on the right of the screen.




if photoshop go to image then image size and then put in the pexils that they tell you yo can enter. i think someone here had mentioned the size.


Well seems i can;t get my picture right either. Im using a screenshot, then just cropping it, yet they say it needs to be of better quality? Whaaa? Can’t get better quality than a screenshot, unless you let me upload a bitmap image or a png… but this is an edit to a gig previously accepted. also they said i couldn’t link to an outside site, in my case JSfiddle due to my gig type being JS. I think there is too many people no agreeing or something. Can’t get my picture good enough for them… what gives?


I can’t seem to get my picture right. I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and trying all the sizes it is supposed to be 682 wide x 459 high and 1100 x 260 pixels with the picture and I get a message Minimum image size 682x459 pixels. Don’t know what I have to click on in photoshop elements that would get the picture right.



Here is the image I am trying to get on Fiverr. It is of my cat I lost in mosaic