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I can't get my videos uploaded to Fiverr, please help!

I finally learned how to make my own simple slideshow videos for my gigs and such! However, now, I cannot get them to upload to Fiverr!

I use Windows Live Movie Maker… I have tried saving the videos in mp4 format, and wmv format. Neither will upload to Fiverr and I do not know why!

I get an io error or something like that.

Can anyone please explain what I am doing wrong and how I can get my videos to upload to Fiverr? I don’t understand a lot about computers, so please explain in an easy to understand way and simple steps.

Thanks for any help!

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks, but it wasn’t the file size it was under 50mb. I am still not sure what was causing them not to load and submit, but they are working now. Maybe it was just some sort of glitch.

If the file size is under 50 MB and MP4 Format , and still you are getting error, you can contact support to help out as suggested by madmoo.

Hi my question is I have a video that I made in final cut, the end result is that my video is 5.6 m? I really appreciate it. Thanks Talentkat.

Dear, try this method…

use good video converter and convert your final video with it. ( to MP4 or other format) I think it working 80%

My Vedio is 38 mb & Mp4 But I can’t Upload it… Please help me… :((

What the hell is this. I,m wait 3 to 4 hour but it,s not upload. Anybody can solve this?

yes, it can’t be over 50mb AND more than 60 seconds long

  1. If it’s over 50mb then it won’t load
  2. Must be in .mp4 format
  3. Not more than 60 secs

    still you are getting error

    Change the video file name

    Clear Cookies from your browser

    also clear temp, %temp% from your computer

    than try again

    i hope this instructions will help you well

    Welcome :slight_smile:

Hello friends ,

I create an Intro video . I can’t upload the video file.

Video File details : mp4 format , Resolution (848x480) ,time :10 sec , File Size : 1.24mp.

Please help me …

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Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks my friend … I will try…


Reply to @kjblynx: ok sry

I m new on fiverr

My video is of 58 sec 10.1mb , changed the name, is in process from 3 hours Still not uploading please help.

Reply to @henezeisystems: This is addressed in earlier replies on this thread – it means your video upload is done (Completed). You can leave that page.

So basically, when it says “processing”, it’s uploaded and people can already see the video? I can’t see mine on my gig page, where a video should be present. Does it mean other people can see it?

My video is of 30 sec 6mb format: mp4, mov, avi , Still not uploading please help.

What is the message you are getting when trying to upload???