I can't get orders again, what if I promote my gig?


I got my last order about 5 month ago. fiverr got me bored since then, so I’m suggesting to promote my gig. What if I promote my gig will I get orders ?

  1. Your profile description seems to be very similar to an established seller who started in January last year (over 400 reviews). The only real difference is that “over ten years of experience” is now “more than five years of experience”.

  2. Your photo seems to be a generic stock photo. You say you graduated from Harvard University (there’s a lot of them going round Fiverr), so to me your profile looks rather plagiaristic for someone with such supposed pedigree.

  3. Potential buyers may see this profile and wonder whether you really went to Harvard. They might also search your profile data and find that it is not as original as it could be. Promoting your gig might help you get sales, but I think you have a serious issue regarding credibility. I would never buy from someone who seems to have copied from other sellers and has a generic stock photo of a smiling woman (which seems to be the default choice for so many sellers who lack credibility).

I can’t say that I am getting sales myself, and maybe I am just trolling the forums looking for easy targets. If I had loads of sales myself I wouldn’t have time for this kind of post. Anyway those are my thoughts.


Other than the issues @david1082b pointed out, your main gig description states that 1 gig is for proofreading 1000 words, but your basic package is for 5000 words. Inconsistencies like that one might lead people to believe that the gig description was copied from someone else, and that’s one more reason to doubt credibility.

Also, your post here doesn’t make you look like a good proofreader.


You can create your own thread in Improve My Gig, and then people who wish to do so can check out your gigs and advise you. Hijacking someone else’s thread to ask for advice is forbidden by the forum rules.


Hey, I have a photo of a smiling woman on my profile!


But that’s a photo of you, right? Not of someone else (say, because you’re actually a guy and believe that pretending to be a woman will help you sell more)? :smiley_cat:


Proofreader, I think your profile looks good, and there is nothing unbelievable about the Harvard thing. A lot of people have graduated from Harvard, and many do ordinary things.

So you have incongruities in your gigs. (Your basic package is either 1000, 1500, or 5000 words, depending on where you look.) Fix them, certainly, but I don’t think that means you’re really a one-eyed Danish prison inmate impersonating a Harvard graduate.

Your profile does start with a typo, an oddity for a proofreader:

“Hi I am Karen, am a freelance writer…”

Do you see it? Again, this doesn’t mean you didn’t graduate from Harvard. My sister went to Cornell and the typos in her correspondence were legendary.

Overall, I don’t see why you’re not getting sales. Perhaps replace the picture. If it’s really you, you should be a model, not a proofreader. If it’s not you, go for a “girl next door” picture, hopefully of you. But not if you’re a one-eyed Danish prison inmate.


Check out my profile please. is it ok?


I know you asked him, but I looked first. :slight_smile:

It all looks great. Your profile picture, the gig images, your pricing, all of it. Perfect. A gig video would be a good idea for you, but you’re looking good even without one.

If there is a problem, it’s that your category is super crowded, and it’s hard to stand out.

You’re only offering 3 gigs, when I think you’re allowed more than that. Use the extras to experiment away from the commodity graphics work you’re in, into anything which answers the question entrepreneurs are driven by: “How do I grow my business?” All of the top 10 gigs on Fiverr, and 90%+ of the money exchanged here, aim to answer that question. Vectorizing does not, not directly anyway.

Best of success to you.


try to better improve your content .
then simply consider the buyer as your close friend and satisfy his needs perfectly as he may get back with other orders or give you a good review.
that is an advice from a newer on fiverr


@david1082b I completely agree with you. I always try to have a more “honest” approach to my profile. What you see is what you get. Maybe, that is why my sales are on the lower end too!

One of the things I have noticed that you might be able to get your first couple of clients by not being truthful but then you will not have a long term relationship with them. Important thing is to establish yourself and present yourself “as is” basis. So the clients will know what they are expecting.

For instance in my Niche, there are people who will promise you a WordPress site for 5$ and then there are too many hidden cost. For me, I have kept it clear - exactly what you read in my gig you will get. This is another reason my profile has repeat clients and 100% positive reviews.

On a lighter note: I am quite sure someone from Harvard will not be on Fiverr looking for a 5$ gig. They would be in a multi-national company :slight_smile: