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I can't get phone verification to work :(


Hello, I’m Prince :). I am having big issues with phone verification here at Fiverr. I’ve been in contact with their customer care and everything sadly seems to be going in circles. All they can actually tell me is check your phone, restart it, we’ve reset you account try again, and stuff. From what I’ve read so far in this forum, VPN can be a cause to this issue, I remember using VPN a couple of times but it’s not a constant thing for me. It’s so sad that I have not been able to get any verification text or call :(. The saddest part of this story is that I played around with my security question till I forgot the answer. So I cant change the phone number :(. Please if anyone has gone through an issue like this, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


I got the issue resolved by having my security question by an awesome Fiverr agent. My odds of getting that lucky again are really low, I’m definitely never playing with my security question ever again. But one weird thing is that my phone number still never gets the phone verification text message, I had to use someone else’s. Maybe I’m blacklisted?


Sir, please help me. i am also facing the same problem. How can i get the security answer.


Hello Sarah, as I said your odds are pretty low…Fiverr customer care agents do not like helping with security questions. You’ll have to keep trying with the phone verification and be a little more persistent with them. If you turn out to seem credible enough, they just might help you reset the security question. Don’t be surprised if you spend almost a week with them. Also, I’d advise you to get a payoneer account, maybe a payoneer master card too or verify that paypal with fiverr in you region. I am still struggling with that issue. Keep me updated on your progress. Good Luck.