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I can't getting any order

i am doing crypto promoting work in new ico project but i can’t get any order please anyone tell why i can’t get order and what i need to do


Your prices are $300, $500, even $850, and the lowest one is $50.
I’m not saying it’s bad to charge that much, but for someone who has no reviews,
that price is too high in my opinion.
Some of your gig descriptions are way too short with punctuation errors etc, if
someone is charging several hundred dollars, I’d expect the description and images to be
top-notch. I’m afraid I don’t get that feel from your gigs.


I think new buyers should come up with something which makes them different from others in the mainstream. I personally believes if you are new then gig extras, discounts & slightly low prices than top buyers bring sales. I personally find it useful.


please decrease your price and create a good content


you can use buyer request carefully to get some order.

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thank’s for your opinion but low price can’t possible provide that service , so what i need to do

Yes i have possible give extra service , thank’s for your helpful suggestion

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