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I can't go-to/click on any gig categories?

When I click on any of the categories (Gifts, writing, graphics… etc), the page does nothing and simply refreshes. When I try to open it in a new tab (making the URL appear,) it quickly re-directs back to ""

Is anyone else facing issues or have any tips to fix it? I’m sure there’s nothing with cookies or such because it also happens in Incognito/Private mode as well.

Thanks for posting and I just tested out several categories and it seems to be fixed now. Keep up the great work and thank you for your post!

Nope, still not working on Chrome nor Firefox. I’ve figured I can click on the sub-categories but when you click on them it doesn’t show up the request gigs for that category. You need to be on the main category page to see the requests. Hope this gets fixed soon, I’m being patient!

Can’t open anything on web page, any category I click doesn’t opens