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I Can't Grow My Business For Some Foolish Buyer!


My name is Tushar.I am a seller in fiverr.I need help.I always do my job so well, but I cannot grow my business for some foolish buyer. :scream:

what Kind of foolish buyer do I mean?

My gig is for WORDPRESS but some buyer order my gig for another platform! after order my gig they told me sorry and sent a cancel request! In my gig, I focus everything, but some foolish buyer never read my description and order my gig at a low price and told me sorry and again cancel.

for those reasons, my cancel rate will increase in future.

For those foolish buyers, my business cannot improve. :cry:

What I do now?

Can anyone suggest something, please?



Yes, I can possibly - when I look at your gigs on your profile, I see:
'I Will Do On Page SEO Optimization For Your ’ - it’s only when I click on the gig itself I see the word ‘Wordpress’.

Foolish buyers- don’t think so, excited perhaps, not wanting to read the title again once they’ve clicked onto your gig.

But be honest, have you never picked up the wrong item in the supermarket? I know I have! :slight_smile:


have you never picked up the wrong item in the supermarket?
sorry don’t understand.
what do you mean?


When you’ve gone shopping, have you never purchased something by mistake?


umm… yes purchased something by mistake but it is sometimes.


Well, there you go, now are you foolish or human? Have you had a buyer purchase by mistake more than once? I’m guessing not. :slight_smile:


Yes once, it has happened three times! Moreover, after cancel order, my rate is now 94%

Moreover, I cleared my price and worked so well, but some buyer ordered my gig 5$ and told me do full on page for his site!

So again buyer mistake and again canecl.

I cancel five order just for two reasons. Now my rate is 94%.

I hope you understand what I say. :slight_smile:

Please help me. I feel so worry


You’re always going to get the odd buyer purchasing by mistake.

Try moving the word ‘Wordpress’ to the beginning of your title so it’s more easily seen.

Please stop worrying - mutual cancellation because of a buyer error is better than a negative review.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I change my title now.
Can you please look at my title again?

Please and tell me now ok?



That’s great - I can see the word ‘Wordpress’ no problem - you could even CAPITALIZE it if you wanted to make it more obvious! :slight_smile:


thanks for your all help.

Just last question
some buyer order me 5$ for full on page SEO even after clear my price. So I increase my price 5$ to 10$. is it harm for my sell? I mean is it good?

Or take my price 5$?

Please don’t mind


It’s entirely up to you how you price your gigs - if a buyer orders the wrong package, offer them the correct package before you do the work, and explain why! :slight_smile:


I see!

When they make a wrong order, then I fell so angrily.

I also have a problem.

Now for you, I understand.

Yup, a title is ok Now.

Moreover, next time if anyone makes wrong order then I offer them the correct package before I do the work, and explain why!

moreover, yes I always remember to cancel work is better than the negative review.

That is mean this one is not a big problem.
Am I right? :slight_smile:


It’s not a big problem at all - you’ll see the cancellation rate on your dashboard, but beyond that, I really wouldn’t worry about it.

See, no need to feel angry any more - enjoy the rest of your weekend! :slight_smile:


@offlinehelpers one last question. Are you a bot? :joy:


OK - yes I am - a very positive, happy one! :grinning:



sorry for ONE LAST :yum:


Thanks for your help.:relaxed:


You’re very welcome - good luck! :slight_smile:


My idea: Add one ribbon with this text in your gigs galleries:
“Please read full description of this gig”

And make it in big sizes so most of buyers will read.