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I Can't leave a review for cancelled job

I had really really bad experience with a seller ****** who claimed to be a top seller. I decided to have a test drive and requested a simple logo design for 10$. He/she sent me like a junk, looked like microsoft word art, no design at all, plus my company name had typo! I requested revision and it happened again! It is really mean!
Now I want to warn people who are thinking to try a cheap package, but I cannot comment on his/her profile.

First, read the forum rules. You can’t name names on the forum. You can gripe to Customer Support and ask them to investigate the seller.

Second, you don’t get both your money back and a review option. If you could do that, some people would abuse it by buying a competing gig, automatically ask for a refund and drive the seller account down to uselessness. Many sellers are great and don’t deserve that. So, refunded gig = No review.

fonthaunt: You’re right, but the Customer Support link you provide doesn’t lead anywhere than just a generic page where you have to dig into where the heck is the Fiverr customer support chat, phone #, or email address. To top it off, after my seller cancelled on my after being late, though confirming me that she will deliver the next day, and the next day cancel, Fiverr keeps the commission. Huh! You’re kidding, the seller who cancel should bear the cost of the service, not the buyer.

Fiverr keeps only the processing fee and when you purchase another gig then you don’t have to pay the processing fee again. Customer support does not have an email or phone number so you have to fill out the form and wait for a response.

Logo design for 10$, I dont know why did you expected anything else ?

Want a great logo ? Your “test drive” should be around 100$ and real deal around 500$

–Just to sort out for price haters.
Logo creation and Logo design are two totally different things.
Logo can create anyone (even I) but to design logo, well for that you need: Time, imagination, inspiration, idea, skills etc. and that my friends cost, it costs a lot.

Regarding your review issue, well you cant have both. You have to choose between your money and destroying someones work and dreams here…

I assume that you have cancelled your gig order and got refund (money back).

If you get refund, then you cannot post a review for the service you ordered. It’s like you did not order at all. (i.e. Order Cancelled)

Yet what you may do if he/she is really a bad seller is that:

You can contact Fiverr Customer Support and they will investigate the sellers profile and know if seller is on the wrong side or is it other way around. (I am saying this since you mentioned that he/she is a top rated seller). Why will someone what to offer bad services when you are ready to pay for the work he/she does, yet that too a top rated seller. I assume that the seller may be genuine and it may be other way around.

No that’s a twist of reality.
If a Seller hold out as being able to deliver an awsome logo for USD 5.50 it is for him to deliver on his promise. It is not to me to lower my expectation as I am supposedly dealing with a professional who knows about true cost, work required…etc.

If the order is been cancelled then you can’t post a review.

If you buy a $10 box of chocolates but don’t like the taste, you don’t take them back and get your money back. Instead, you go online and you leave a critical review. This is the same for restaurants, hotels, you name it. Every day people buy things which they end up disappointed with.

This being the case, I am getting really tired of these posts from people whining about the fact that they have paid $5 -$10 for work which they don’t like and now they can’t leave a review because they have canceled the order.

Get with it people. If you order a logo for $10, you are absolutely not guaranteed the same quality of design you would get for $100. Either accept that you have lost $10 and leave a review citing your disappointment or move on.

In fact, it is precisely because some buyers think that they can pick and choose what they want to pay for that some Fiverr sellers ratings are so unreliable in the first place.

Top Right of screen on Customer Support page. Sign In then Submit a Request. Since they’re bombarded daily with requests, response may take a while.

"If you buy a $10 box of chocolates but don’t like the taste, you don’t take them back and get your money back"
I seen people attempting this multiple times, last time it was about an opened pack of meatballs down at the local store (sadly i didn’t have my camera with me).

I can only agree here. Logo is part of your brand identity. If you feel your business is worth of $10, then do count with results like this or in a “better” situation you will get a logo from template - maybe nice but not unique.

Branding is not an easy and short process and requires not hours, but days and weeks of hard work, which costs money.

Sorry sir, you should be aware.

No quality for the price.

Do you want to work with me for the work of $ 100 and then I pay $ 5?

Exactly madam :slight_smile: … I completely agree with you … :slight_smile:

I’m tired too of seeing these posts.

Take back your money and move on.

Or don’t take back your money and leave a bad review to let others know what happened. You have to pay to play.

Hi guys, do not waste time in this kind of issue. You know it is impossible to get a great thing if you only pay $5. So let it go.
But I believe he is not the last one to meet same thing.
So the real and clear descrtiption to let buyers know what they will get when they only want to pay $5 also very important, right?

bro fiver ask about your experience… after cancellation, i think that is more than enough …

You got your money refunded. That’s more than enough. If you are paying $10, what do were your expectation? People outside Fiverr charge $1000 for logos. What makes you think that you can get the best quality for just $10?

If you want to leave a bad feedback, forget about the cancellation and leave with the product that you paid for. And, you get a chance to leave a feedback.

You got the product and I am sure, you have downloaded the files to your computer and might even use it + you got your money back. Now you want to leave a bad feedback? Feedbacks are for customers. Since you’ve got your money refunded, you don’t qualify as a customer anymore and you don’t have any right to comment on the service or the performance of the seller.

OR—you can just go online to one of the FREE logo makers and make your own–like most of the alleged “pros” on fiverr do. What I can’t do online for free–is make an animated banner…good luck with that on fiverr.