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I can't linked my social account with Fiverr


I used to have an account with my social account.I want to change my username,so I deactivate my older account.But when I linked my social account,fiverr warns that it can’t link with it.I have unlink with the older social account.I just want to know how I can link my social account.


The social account those you used in prior for your previous account is unable to add again for your second account. You have to create the new social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or something else to link with your current Fiverr account. Hope, you got it.

Minthal Ahmed Masum


The first account has been deactivated.And social account has unlink with the first account.


It doesn’t matter whether you have deactivated or get a suspension of your account. The social account that has been linked once with a Fiverr account are unable to link those again although you unlink with the first account.


Ok,I got it,thanks.
I think fiverr can fix these two problem:
1.change username or unlink social account


Maybe they can! :wink:

You can provide your suggestions to the Fiverr site so that it can go live to a lot of users.


I agree. These two problems are painful to work around. When an account has been disabled, why can’t previous information be unlinked?