I can't make offers because my rating 80%...After my first order which was great even though my client give me 4 stars...What can I do ? having 4 stars is something wrong?Is it my guilty? This rule in fiverr is hard😵


After my first order which was great even though my client give me 4 stars…What can I do ? having 4 stars is something wrong?Is it my guilty? This rule in fiverr is hard😵


Yikes! I didn’t know about the 80%. Unfortunately, the only option you have besides completing more orders to move your ranking up would be to contact your previous Buyer and ask if they’d chance the Gig.

Explain to them your exact situation you have currently and offer them a free Gig in exchange for the updated rating. They should likely understand and be willing to help someone who is looking to work!

Good luck. :slight_smile:


That’s now a violation of the Terms of Service.


What?! That’s a let down. If you owned a coffee shop you wouldn’t be able to offer your customer a complimentary coffee in exchange for better feedback. I understand, but still that stinks. :grimacing:


1st of all your review is 4 days ago :slight_smile: ask client , if you can do anything to improve his experience with you.After doing some extra work you can request your client to change the feedback. For a new seller it’s very important to get 5star in their first 10 sells :slight_smile:


This poses an interesting question for me. I did my first gig a few weeks ago and have been struggling to get a second. The buyer left no feedback, and after several days I was automatically credited the fee by Fiverr. I can still respond to buyer requests, but is this going to negatively affect my gig? I tried to contact the buyer at the time with no luck. Should I try to reach out again. I did think it was a bummer to not get reviewed, but at the same time if the buyer wasn’t happy for some reason (not sure why he or she would be as it a great recording) and decided no feedback was better than bad, I hate to invite trouble.



No, please don’t ask the buyer to review you after the gig has completed. They have 30 days after that to review if they want to, and if you pester them, it may lead to them reviewing you in a less than positive way.

There’s no pressure on buyers to leave reviews - they can if they want to, but don’t have to.


5r recently changed the review system, making things complicated for buyers.

I’ve reviewed almost all sellers - I know the importance.

Last week, I made a decision to not review any more sellers. I feel like there is too many distrust being created between buyers and sellers over the secret/private feedback that has been instituted.

I would recommend you not contact your buyer as he may feel the same way I do or he could come back within 30 days.


My very 1st order was also not reviewed :smiley: you can send buyer request until your positive rating stay 90%+
keep sending buyer request on appropriate projects :slight_smile: hopefully you will get good reviews from new projects from there:)


@wp_kid @gina_riley2 @offlinehelpers. Thanks for the feedback and advice. I’ll let it go and keep working on getting that next gig!


Great stuff - good luck! :slight_smile:


I just clicked it because of the TITLE of the thread. My Gosh :astonished:


i just checked your page and i really dont know why your buyer gave you a 4star. What you did isnt showing on your profile though, but i am sure you did a great job.
If you have instagram/facebook page, promote your service there, almost everybody love art and i am sure you will get a direct order in no time



** Sigh **


Is it a crime to ask your friend to patronize you?


Well, that’s certainly not going to lead to success.

Let’s hope too, that this “friend” isn’t just a second account. Because, as you should know, that’s against the rules and can get your account deleted.

You know, I’m curious too… you state that your name is “Emma” in your Fiverr bio, yet you represent yourself with the digital painting of a man. Which one accurately represents you – the name, or the picture?




Emma is a unisex name. You should google it.
So what you see, is what it is.
Thanks for checking my page tho


Seriously? Unisex? Your bio says you are in Nigeria. So… “Emma” is in use as a male name in Nigeria? – Very well. I guess you learn something new everyday. I was not aware of this.

I will note, though, that I found the following online as soon as I googled “Emma” – as you requested:

"Emma is a feminine given name. It is derived from the Germanic word ermen meaning whole or universal, and was originally a short form of Germanic names that began with ermen. Emma is also used as a diminutive of Emmeline, Amelia or any other name beginning with “em”.

I am still dubious, but far be it from me to argue the merits of someone’s name. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, Mr. Emma. At least you’re using an image that represents you. That I can commend.


I understand fiverr’s TOS.

The poster said he/she cant make offers. I suppose that means “sending offers in buyer’s request section”. The solution i suggested is only to boost his rating a little so he can make offers again. Not to get him/her to 100% or 5star.

He may eventually get an order from a random buyer, but you never can tell when exactly.