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I can't make offers because of 90% rating :(


I have had a few of my gigs ordered but when the customer didn’t leave any feedback or even updated the gig order or anything, it automatically became a negative mark. Now I can’t offer anyone services… Should I just re-create a new account or leave my fiverr account inactive altogether?

I’m getting kinda confused with the new layout too… Sounds kinda whiny, but… yeah :frowning:


This happened to me very early in my fiverr days. I had one purchase on one gig, and the buyer did not leave feedback, so for some reason, it just showed up as negative feedback and I dropped to 0% rating. Do just contact support and tell them you have a 90% gig rating, but no negative reviews, and they will fix it for you.


Yeah, some buyers sent me an order several months ago, and I got them completed… and it left a negative mark because there was no feedback at all from them.

I just noticed now that there was one negative mark out of 10 orders. So I think that’s what made it into 90%. My bad. Was thinking it was one of those no-feedback orders. =_=

Thanks guys, I think I will just have to find some sellers who would think my gigs are worth a thumbs up so my rating goes up again.


I don’t think the user intended to leave you bad feedback based on that input he stated, if you can, it may be a good idea to message the buyer inquiring about it(if they’re still around?) to get it changed. Have you tried passing it on to customer service? It doesn’t really sound like it was intended to be a bad feedback, in my opinion.

@emasonwrites First feedback left on a new gig often even if it’s positive drops your rating down until you leave a feedback back for the buyer.


Reply to @freelancemm: It wasn’t that, it was just a glitch in the system. The buyer didn’t give a thumbs up or a thumbs down or leave any feedback, for some reason, no feedback showed up like negative feedback. When I contacted support, they told me it was an error with the website and they fixed it right away.


Reply to @freelancemm: Yeah, I thought I did it satisfactorily too, so I didn’t check if he put a thumbs up or down… It’s okay though, I think I should just move on and try to find people. It has already been several months, and on the interwebs, that’s equivalent to year nineteen-forgotten. Lol

Also, I have experienced that glitch before with the no-feedback negative mark like @emasonwrites.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Oh, well. That’s weird. Ha, yeah, I never had that happen to me before but it probably has something to do with the glitch on the first feedback left on a gig. Probably same piece of coding causing the issue.

@kemmeh Eh, it’s still worth a shot sending CS a message and relaying the feedback where it seems clear his intent was to mark it positive. Feedback is kind of a big thing when it comes to ranking and exposure on Fiverr.