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I can't message a seller for no known reason

A few days ago I started messaging a seller because I wanted to order one of his gigs. After just a few back and forth messages between us I saw this message that is only visible to me that says the seller is not receiving messages at this time. And I am very confused about this because I’m sure neither of us has blocked the other. And when I click on his username it takes me to his profile page but when I click on one of hi gigs it takes me to a page that says the account I am looking for doesn’t exist. But at the same time I know he is still active and so are his gigs as I’ve seen new ratings come up on his profile for them daily. I really want to order from him as he is a level two seller and very nice. I am confused as to what the problem could be. Could this be a glitch that I need to report?


Hope fiverr staff can answer it better. You can directly get in touch with the CS center.

Quite confused here. Just wanted to clarify - when it says “account you are looking for doesn’t exist”… Does this appear on the top? And you can’t see his page at all…

Which brings me to the next question - where did you see his gigs and new ratings ? (So you most likely are able to see his page then? -this relates to my earlier question on what do you see when account you are looking for doesn’t exist appear)

But by all means Customer Support will be able to answer you better. You can contact them here:

The message appears at the top. I see his gigs and new ratings on his profile page.

I will try contacting Customer Support. Thank you.

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That is a visual bug that is appearing on the Fiverr main site right now. Hopefully it will be corrected soon.

Please get in touch with Fiverr support center. Hope it will help. thank you!