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I cant my money

how in the hell do I get my money out of my account. it wont let me send it to paypal wth do i do


Contact the customer support and they will help you…If you have a payoneer card,you can link it to fiverr…Please read,

It’s a tough question to answer without any details.

If it’s newly earned money, keep in mind that Fiverr has a 14 day hold before you can withdraw. That’s after the gig is marked as complete.

Reply to @kjblynx: Its a cancellation I been trying to get it back to my paypal for 4 months now

its a cencellation and these people dont give me any options to take my money out except put it to a gift card…so gay and I try to go to help desk its not working

Seller cancelled on me. I need to use my credit for another gig. How long does it take to get the credit to my fiverr account?