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I can't on available now


Hi All

This is very painful, I can’t turn on available now option. It’s telling I am not meeting High completion and satisfaction scores where I never had any negative review, less than 5 orders, 100% response rate, 100% positive rating, never had any block from available now, I am just not getting any business now. This is very painful :frowning:

Have any idea how can I recover it?



You have better to take support from fiverr helpline.


If you type “can’t turn on available now” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


Available Now option is a Beta (testing) version of Fiverr. If you can’t use don’t worry about it.
You can check it. About Available now option


The support guys answer was never met of my questions. I am seeing in my service category lot’s of seller has still this feature but they are unable to help and I was not happy to hear their reply, They are telling me to read a post where I have all quality to turn on the feature. Very painful indeed :frowning:



Thanks for the info but I am seeing many seller has this feature on. I have no issue to turn on it because I meet all requirement, I asked them same question and there reply was very poor :frowning:

Question why other seller is finding this feature and we the people are not getting :frowning:



I have read some post already. I am telling here with my requirement and the question. If I had any issue I never posted it. Just getting pain and not enough order :frowning:


It’s in beta testing, which means not everybody has it anyway.

They now seem to have reduced the beta test even further so very few sellers have it.

Nothing to be in pain about - they’re just testing it.

I just checked for ‘install wordpress’ with available now - only 2 gigs, so it’s not that everybody else has it and you don’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


well, when I had this turn on, I got order and I was so happy. Now I am not getting enough order. So it’s painful from my end, Because of I am now only working on Fiverr and working here full time. Hope you understand why it is painful for me :frowning:


Find some other way to promote your gigs then - ‘available now’ has only been around for a short while anyway. What did you do before it was around?


When I was turned it on, somehow getting much messages and enough orders, I am a level two seller and I have very very good review, I never had any negative you can check


It doesn’t seem to matter what level you’re at, or how many fabulous reviews you’ve got whether it’s turned on or not, because it’s a beta test.

Hope you get it back soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have this feature enable in your profile?


Keep patience. It will work soon. because It’s working for me too :slight_smile:


When I have enable this option on March, I have earned $1840, what is good for me, Now it’s not available and last two month my earning is very poor, On april $112 and In may till now $120, That’s why feeling sad :frowning: Fiverr is getting hard nowadays :frowning: