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I can't open the file my designer sent me

Hi there,
the business card my designer sent me is a photoshop file that I’m not able to open.
I’m trying to design my cards in vistaprint but it won’t work since I can’t save the file on my computer!

My designer isn’t replying,
how do I open the file? I tried to change the name to .pdf at the end but it won’t work.
Thanks a lot

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perhaps you can use an online file converter to convert the file to a file type you can work with.

Hm…how do I do that?
I did just manage so save the file as a PDF but the resolution isn’t any good.

Don’t know if I can help but I’ll try if you send me the file.

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Yeah, I’m not really good at this…
I have no idea how to send you the file :roll_eyes:
I just realized it saved as .ai whatever that is?

The easiest way would be to click on my username (idostuff4u) which will take you to my fiverr profile and then you can click the ‘contact me’ button. On the bottom right, you’ll see a paper clip icon. That is used to upload files.

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Download Inkscape, it is free and there you go.
Now you can also edit it and you can save it to different formats.

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if it’s in pdf format…better use photoshop for open it…you can download photoshop for 30 days trial…once it open and save it as any format you want…

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