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I cant open the file



The artist completed the order, but what he send me was a coupon in png file that i can open.
and the actual comisioned work in a .rar file i cant open.

now he tells me if i cant open the file he’ll send me a different file afther i accapt they offer. i cant message him cause that seems blocked of now.

i’m sorry but the only way i can see the file is afther i accapt it. how can i accapt aprove the art when i can not see it. this feels very scammy.

what do i do?


If the seller has blocked you then contact CS.They will help you .


the only way i could contact him is when i started like a new contact requests. (I just did this, but in they actual order page i have no way of contacting him)


You can contact Fiverr customer support here


Thank you i will, i’m gonna wait to see if he reply’s if he has been on. and it can be resolved els i’ll have to

thanks again


It looks like order got completed and you can’t message them there. As if seller blocked you, then you couldn’t message them in inbox as well.

rar files can be opened with winrar

Not sure why seller didn’t want to send you files separately tho


Alright i got a response, he said he send the wrong files, and he will reupload them.
(the rar file was also unable to be unzipped/opend like if it didnt contain anything. that made it very weird)

and well it was just weird seeing everywere it was stated files would be supplied in .png (and that line that he’d send files afther accapting they order if i couldn’t the files i had now. that raised some fags for me)

now i’ll have to wait. i’ll keep this updated


Be careful though, if he wouldn’t send it within few days (even less, it doesn’t take that long to save and upload the file, it’s actually matter of minutes) you should contact support for empty delivery. Here are still some sellers trying to be smart and delivering empty deliveries before they finished their job so the order wouldn’t go late.


he did send me they right files now, so i can actualy review them.
(the order was late already due to reasons, so i dont think thats what the reasoning could have been)

but i have the actualy art files this time.

thank you all