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I Can't promote My gig which was chosen for "Promoted gig feature"

I’ve got a message from the Fiverr team 1 month ago-

"We’ve chosen you to be part of the initial beta launch based on your outstanding Gig performance and I would personally be happy to hear your feedback and help you get familiar with the feature.

In order to explore this opportunity, we’re granting you $10 to let you try out this new feature, for a limited time only."

Since I’m trying to promote my gig for a few days & It’s showing the gig doesn’t meet the quality standards. I’ve no Order cancellation / late delivery.
What may be the reason?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


facing same issue, but i am not getting this message that you are seeing on your gig

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That message gone and it’s showing “promoted” there but, still zero impressions.
The matter of sorrow that, more than 100 peoples viewed this topic & No one has any answer for this.:frowning:

Promoted Gigs is a new feature. Chances are, if no one has answered your question, no one who’s seen it actually knows the answer.


I agree with you. Maybe we’ll have to see this question again from other sellers. And hopefully there will be some answers for this. Currently It’s showing Promoted but no results.

Thanks for replying BTW :slight_smile:


Same situation here. I asked Fiverr support for help but according to them everything is running perfectly.

I have used this feature for 10 days during the last November successfully! Then, I stopped to use this feature during the end of Nov 2020 for three days. Once I have tried to re-activate the Gig Promotion, the disaster started:

  • My conversion rate dropped down;
  • 0 impression and 0 dollar spent via Gig Promotion.
    I’ve contacted the support center several times, but without any solution :frowning: This situation is struggling my career
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Thanks, for sharing this issue. I twice talked with the support, they said one thing that they don’t guarantee any results. According to me, this is something else. I was also selected to participate on the prompted gigs offer. My initial reaction was jaw dropping it worked very well, but after a certain time it stopped working. I guess this feature was overloaded with promoted sellers and organic sellers well were fallen behind. The main reason according to me it could be a bidding issue.

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I’m facing this same issue from last 3 days, impressions, clicks are all gone since this happened, and my gigs just vanished as they were on page 1 or 2 most of the time now I cannot even find them, gigs appear on the last page of online sellers, and even though my gigs are active and running. Anybody with any solution please suggest, as its been a disaster for many as I 've read the comments.

I am having same issue, has your problem been fixed?

I’m also facing same issue
it show’s "This Gig is currently not promoted.
It will be once it becomes promotable again."
Can anybody give a solution to that?

Did You Got any solution If you Got then Please Tell me

Yes, It was fixed, but sorry no solution, as I myself tried nothing but was active more than normal routine.
And it was solved automatically after few days.

I’m facing a similar issue. I was trying to promote my gig as it was suggested as qualified from fiverr.
Now i get this message and don’t know what they want from me?!
It’s one of my most sold gigs on fiverr.

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we are much more with this issue

I also got the message saying my gigs can’t be promoted anymore. It’s the second time now. Not sure why, as since they were eligible for promoted gigs, performance (Sales, messages, ratings etc.) has went up 3000% or so from the moment I received the message saying they are eligible. Back then I had basically no orders.

So looks like it’s not related to amount of orders or performance after all, but something else. Maybe there’s too many people using the feature, forcing them to rotate gigs that are eligible so that everyone using it is guaranteed to get impressions?

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