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I can't publish a gig

I can’t publish a gig because of a test fail but when I was in a last step of publish a gig but it says take a test and I entered in a test and it is automatically end test and I fails in test.because of that I can’t publish m gigs. now what I do.


You must attend skill test exam.


You need to wait for next step, I mean next skill test exam because in first try you failed.

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But it says wait 92 days.its much more time for waiting.

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When a user take max time of exam there have a limit of how many time you can retake an exam.Until the time you have to wait to participate on next exam.

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Speaking in english language test, by chance anyone knows if a native language speaker not english needs to perform the test in order to be accepted as a seller? My work will be done in portuguese language, not in english, so I admitted for mylself not be mandatory the test. Thanks in advance for any help someone can provide.

You just wait 90 days. that’s it

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Skill test is important for a gig publish.

wait 92 days , otherwise publish another gig

there are categories where test exams are very important. Must be not underestimated.

But it says wait 92 days… Its much more time for waiting. Deactive a nd created another one…