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I can't purchase an order

I received a custom order and have been trying the last two days to complete the purchase. I keep receiving an error message saying " something went wrong, try again". I contact support and haven’t heard back and I need this project done. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Sorry to hear of this! You can try a workaround by contacting the seller and saying you are going to order a regular gig but you want what is in the custom order.

Or the seller can send a second custom order just like the first one since maybe that one will go through.

I recently had this issue with one client. I have sent her a new custom offer and she was able to make the purchase. Maybe it will work for you as well, if not you will have to wait for Customer Support. Best of luck!

I’d say make sure that custom order is cancelled before creating a new one … just to avoid having funds taken out of your bank twice. (or inform your buyer of that) - That’s if the custom order was accepted but you cannot “deliver” it. Get your buyer to cancel the custom order (that I’m assuming you cannot Deliver on) and re-create another custom order or tell them to order your gig directly for the same price and relay the same instructions they gave for that custom order.