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I can't put buyer request because my rating ins 4.2?

what can I do for that please help me? I got an order $20 but work is too much I said to buyer I can’t do this job for the budget I declined after two day it saw me late order and cancel by buyer rating 4.2 to reviews bad so how can I work now in fiverr plz help me guys

What? Rephrase in actual English please.

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My interpretation of the OP:

He bid on a project in Buyer’s Request for $20. After the buyer accepted it, he realized it was more work than he had originally thought.

He told the buyer that he couldn’t do the job for the low budget. (Don’t know if the buyer responded or not.) Two days later, the buyer “Cancelled Order” for failure to deliver on time. Now he has a 1 star review, which brought down his average to 4.2.

At 4.2, he can no longer bid on B.R.

To OP, there is not much you can do at this point. It is doubtful that Customer Service will remove your review. They sometimes have sympathy if the buyer was breaking TOS, such as asking for free work. or threatening you with bad review.

In this case, the system generated the 1 :star: review when you failed to deliver.

Next time, request cancellation from the buyer before the clock runs out. If he does not respond in a timely manner, ask CS to cancel for you with proof that you tried to work it out with the buyer and they are not responding.


so what can I do for this can you tell me please

Do more work and raise your average rating.

your rating must be upto 90% then you can send buyer request