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I can't Rate a cancelled order, so it stays in my 'To Do List'

Hi Everyone,

I recently forced cancelled a buyers order and had fiverr refund the gig, but now on my to do list its asking me to rate the order, but the usual “rate now” button is not there, meaning this “task” to rate the buyer/cancelled gig is stuck in my to do list and I cannot clear it! any idea’s how i can remove this task from my to do list please!??

Hi there,

Maybe there is a bug? Try contacting customer support to resolve your problem.

I have the same issue with a gig that needed modification. I just deleted it but its stuck also in my to do list.

I had this happen too. I sent a ticket through to CS and they removed it from my list.

Contact Customer Support, they will remove it for you :slight_smile:

thanks everyone, I will contact customer support

I have one item stuck in Active orders from 6 months ago. A person ordered a gig then disappeared forever without providing the materials… I was told that to cancel it would count against ME! so I left it there.

Now, another false digit is stuck in the New category of the Dashboard and I contacted CS TWO weeks ago and have not heard back yet. Don’t hold your breath.

The Dashboards are buggy and fixing them is not easy. It would help if we could correct these simple errors at the user’s end and not have to bother CS to update these.

I am having same issue, an order is pending to rate in my TO DO LIST, but it is actually been completed… :-/