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I cant rate my buyer


i did the work and the buyer give me a positive review but when i want to give him review and rate him and answer for the order review as always , i cant , i dont find it like always .

what’s the problem?

thank you

just contact fiverr customer support and ask them if they could do it for you


Has it been more than 30 days? If so, the time to leave a review may have expired.

I’ve had the problem occur on two separate occasions and found that the issue seems to arise when I’m switching over from mobile app to desktop version.

It’s like once I look at the notification on the mobile app, the option to rate disappears on desktop.

Try to leave the review on your mobile yosri. I had to go back and do it this way.

That’s okay I experienced the same thing the other day, contacted Customer Support about it and they fixed it for me. Let customer support know the order number so they can check it out for you if the problem still persists. :slight_smile:

That Problem was Fixed now :slight_smile:

Thank you all :smiley:
yes now it’s okay :wink:

Probably just a temporary issue

Reply to @ana2001: Thank you , i did it right now

Reply to @reddhorrocks: no , it’s now , i guess less than one hour , that’s why i dont know what’s the problem :confused: