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I cant received any NEW order

Hello All,
I have two query can you help me ? please
Before 2 days ago i am cancelled one order, now i cant received any NEW order and my impression and click is decrease, and also one client review is low, in this position kindly ask me how can increase my sell. and my order completion ration and positive ration also effected.
If you know how to solve this query. Kindly ask me.
Here is my gig link ::

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i am also receiving no order.i feel like no buyers are present on fiverr.

i am very sorry but i am also find ans. and lots off buyer is here kindly update your gig. after some time you can get orders Successfully.

Improve your gig and try…:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much but this process is completed after i can received new order.

You should share your gigs on social media

yes i also shared my gig on social media but can’t received new order