I can't review the review


A buyer gives me 5-stars, then I click 5-stars in response. Then I refresh the page and it’s like I haven’t reviewed him yet.

I also tried rating the buyer, closing the page, then going to back “so and so gave you 5 stars” and finding out that my review has disappeared.



It’s a site wide issue.
Server-cache problem.


I just had a problem where I delivered the order along with some additional messages and then the whole thing disappeared from the order page as if I never sent anything.


When i try to order a gig nothing happens, i have gigs under my manage orders tab that show active that were completed and reviewed 3 days ago, sometimes my messages do not get sent and more. The secret is try every 15 minutes and then sometimrs it will work, sometimes it will not. It´s kind of like playing roulette.