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I can't save a gig! [Picture]

It’s stuck on this screen:

I’m using Google Chrome, I have tried Firefox, won’t save, its stuck forever :frowning:

This has been going on for a while, I even cleared my cache. Tried again two weeks later still doesnt save.
Anyone else having this problem on multiple browsers?

As this is technical issue , you need to contact customer support for this issue

Normally while saving the gig, you will get the success message below the SAVE button, have you got it

Thank you Mohamed! I will contact customer support, I did not see a confirm message and it did not update properly :frowning:

Thank you

NO issues for others think. we can do i without any issues. so try it using anther browser…
or how is your internet connections?

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Probably internet connection problems in your area.

Yeah Internet Connection error

Thank you! I thought it was internet too, but I contacted Fiverr Support, they refreshed my account and it worked again! So anybody who is having this issue CONTACT FIVERR SUPPORT! Ask them to refresh your account :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issue , I will contact fiverr support today.

so this is happening with me too… but I can save every other section on my gig but the Pricing section, which I need to edit… help anyone?