I can't Save & Continue from the Gallery


Hello, im new to Fiverr and stuck on the “Build your Gallery” section. I have uploaded the 3 photos successfully, i dont want to add a video and i dont want to add a PDF but i cannot click on Save & Continue, it doesnt do anything, but nothing shoes up red so i dont know what the problem is. I have successfully cleared and deleted all old caches and cookies and have restarted my browser, but the problem remains. Can anyone suggest what might be the problem? I just want to Publish my Gig! Thank you in advance…


Some gig categories actually require a gig video now before they can be published.

Which category are you publishing in please, and then somebody might be able to help you more. :slight_smile:


Hi, my Gig is in “Fun & Lifestyle” subcategory “Greeting Cards & Videos”, i know its states “videos” here but from the “Gallery” it says that adding a video is optional. Do you think perhaps this is the problem? although it doesnt show up in red :confused:


Thank you for the info - I can see gigs in your category without videos, so it’s not that.

Have you filled in all the other information in all the other sections before the galley part? It’s the last bit that needs doing, so I’m wondering if that could be it?


Yes i’ve completed all the other sections and it has allowed me to save & continue up until the Gallery, from here i can click save & preview, which shows me everything ive filled in, but of course the status is “Draft”, the only way to continue is to “Edit” which takes me back to the same problem in “Build your Gallery”, i cannot click “Save & Continue”. Do you have any other suggestions please?


Hi, I have encountered the same problem, have you found a solution yet?


Hello, yes i found a solution! (well actually it was the Fiverr team support found it) I just downloaded Google Chrome and then openened Fiverr.com from the Chrome browser, it seems to only work from Chrome, Firefox or the other recommended browsers. As soon as i logged onto my Fivverr account using Chrome browser it worked immediately. I hope this makes sense?!