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I can't see a single buyer request on my account

:sob: :sob:
Can anyone help me to know why no buyer requests are coming on my fiver account??

I am a data entry expert. I have 2 gigs on my account and I had not got an order yet.

This is my fiverr account:


You did not provide any or enough information even remotely for us to be able to help you.

We need a minimum:

Who you are (skills)
what you offer
how many gigs you have
how many times a day you check BR section

Now check it again please.

Link is wrong and this is not correct forum area for this topic.

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NOW, check it again please.

There are no buyers for your categories and GIGs at this time.


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I am a newbie and i have started to get buyer request recently only. I suggest you to be patient sir.

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Ok buddy. I am waiting.

Hello dear please kindly check mine and tell me what is really the problem. I mean I have done everything, edited my Profile again and again, yet I have not gotten a single buyer :sweat::sweat::sweat: am really sad I just hope you will be able to do something about it …here my account link


I am an experienced writer. My account might be new, but trust me am not new in the field of writing. My keen eye for writing made me produce work to a very high standard. I am very hard working and reliable and can always achieve my deadlines.

Have had the opportunity of working with many popular blogs. Don’t know what a dangling participle is? Always mixing up to, too and two?

Many writers are confused about when to use whom vs who?
Don’t worry about such mistakes because I have gone through gross training, I love getting down to the bottom of any of my pieces of work to make sure that my clients are well served.


Have written over 700 articles for so many blogs, websites, social media, and even prepared speech. I have gained much experience in the field.

I am unique, sensational, and professional, client satisfaction is my first priority.

I am a researcher, and also creative I am very passionate about writing, it is in the form of a hobby.

I will be delighted to work with you soon.

Contact me if you need my services, Thanks.

I proofread your description. The time is hard now, no buyers, many sellers.

I don’t get … Is anything wrong with my bio

Just wait for proper time.

And when is that … exactly
How long did it take you to start selling. I feel Fiverr is kind of strict to we, that are new I mean with all this review stuff added with badges, it gon be different for buyers to patronize us

Same happens with me, buyer request not coming related to Data Entry tasks… Not sure what problem is there… Have edited my gig multiple times but all in vain…I’m Level Two seller on fiverr