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I can't see a verified tick on my skills although i gave the test for it

I’m new to fiverr.I set up my account yesterday and gave few tests after which my skills got update with green tick on them.After 12 hours i logged back in and saw that those verified ticks are absent from the skill section.Any idea how i can get the ticks back?Screenshot_1 !



Well, you haven’t listed windows 8 in your skills list, so the tests don’t automatically add skills.

The English language test has an exclamation point next to it. Click on that to see if it gives any information.

Thanks for this post bro. I have experienced the same problem, don’t understand why!

Here is your answer.

I have same issue with my Adobe illustrator skill. I passed the test but my verified skill option is gone.

I am also facing same issue

I also passed some exams but not showing any skill as verified. But it showed for few days after the exams. Now it’s not showing. Wht’s the problem?