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I Cant see all Attachments in Buyer Request

Hello everyone

I’m facing some problems with the buyer request attachment section, did anyone else face this?
I’m a new seller with 24 orders I had sent around 300 BR but never notice that once the buyer said: “I had put all three attachment on BR can you please take from there”. and I check BR but I see only one attachment, then I check from my iPhone and it shows all three. and then I checked in many sent BR but on PC it shows only one(first one).

So anyone else had seen this problem?
What should I do?


i also had the same problem

Stick here
may be We can get some solution

same problem for me as well

I tried chrome, firefox, and edge but still got the same problem.

Yeah, I also tried all browsers, and asked other sellers too
but no any satisfactory answer I get

same here. is it solved?

Facing the same issue as of March 16, 2021, any solution found???

Same problem ! Any solutions?