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I Can't See Any Buyer Request {Bug Report}

I Can’t See Any Buyer Request Even though I have 5 Active Gigs.

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Which is your seller level? for example after I have been demoted I normally see 0 - 5 buyers request… when you are in level 1, 2 or TRS will see more buyers request…


I Am New Seller And first 3 Days I was able to see 10 to 15 requests,

Day 4 No Request then I posted a bug report after 5 minutes 94 request appeared.

Again last 3 days same issue No Single request?

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Same story for me… since I have demoted the last month… I hope to regain level one to start to see more buyer request…

So Sad to Know For Me it is like horror dream. Wish You Best of luck to gain your rank again.

i am Struggling to gain my first order.

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You will improve you gigs… and promote them… stay close to the buyers request… a do your work send work proposal frecuently

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Yeah I Do Promote my Gigs Every day getting good views And Also Sending Requests while making request there is no Any attachment option ? I am placing my on my gigs now hoping for a better result.

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I am also suffering with this problem too about last two day


I am suffering since I was demoted… I do not understand how less work options are going to help me to increase my sells

I know it doesn’t help, but the buyers cann’t see anything either.