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I Can't see any orders in my accounts orders tool bar

Hello, I am Rabiul Islam. I have opened my account near about 3 months but can’t see any orders in my Dashboard. For this issue I wrote to Fiverr Support team, they advised me to develop my Gigs. So that I develop my Gigs. I added five (5) Gigs - those are about Clipping Path/Backgrund Removal, Flyer Design, Business Card Design, Banner Design & Facebook Page Design. But still when I check in orders tools, it show me “No priority orders tos show” than is can’t see any order in my orders tools. Please advise me what’s the problem is there.

Many thaks to all.

When a buyer place an order with you than you will be able to see orders on order page. You should send buyer request to get orders.

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Orders do not just appear in your dashboard just because you created a coupe of gigs.

You do not expect for groceries to appear in your fridge by themselves just because you have a fridge, right?

It’s a marketplace with a lot of competition in your niche. And on top of that it’s not a such popular service nowadays as anyone can remove background just from their phone without any prof tools for free online.


many thanks for your nice advise.

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