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I can't see any reviews for custom project


Few days ago i have completed some custom project related to web development and buyer gave me positive reviews but no reviews shown in my gigs. Why? is it a problem of fiverr?



If your buyer left you a review, then you should see it at the bottom of the gig page, newest being on top. Unless for some reason the buyer changed his mind and deleted his review. If you’re absolutely certain that didn’t happen, then you might need to get help from customer support (but be patient, from the comments I’ve seen since Fiverr 3.0 came out, they’ve been busy and therefore slow to respond.


Custom quote orders, don’t have their reviews showing up anywhere.

Fiverr has no plans to have those reviews show up.

They still count towards your 5 star average, and they do affect your rating percentage, but they can’t be read by anyone at the moment.


Reply to @frank_d: thanks


Apologies~! I discovered this after I wrote my note, then couldn’t find this post to correct it. Glad the right info has been posted.


Now the custom project option not working. why?